What We Do

Brand Owner

Our company takes pride in the products and services that are delivered from our brands – DrGL®, DrSpa®, DrHair®. Each brand is guided by our strong principles and R&D and is represented a seal of doctor’s approval.


We seek out the most effective channels for each product and harness upon the company’s expertise to maximize sales based on our vast experience in the field.


We initiate market reseach and clinical trials, develop products and execute sales and marketing strategies for our brands.


We engage our audience through the digital space via our global e-Retailer that features our products and services, appointment booking, loyalty programme and creative content to increase user experience and to form a community of like-minded individuals.

Award-winning Brands

For over a decade, our brands (DrGL®, DrSpa®, DrHair®) have been providing result-oriented proprietary treatments and award-winning bespoke skincare range.  Today, the brands have been proven success not just through the many awards and accolades, but by gaining a loyal customer base and the acknowledgement of industry peers throughout the years.

Our critically acclaimed brands have won many awards and accolades over the years. 


DrGL® is a range of bespoke skincare by celebrity Dr Georgia Lee. The proprietary skincare range infuses science into effective skincare and is dedicated to different skin types. Eschewing the mass for a carefully crafted selection of premium quality products, DrGL® offers the modern busy individual maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

DrGL® has received rave reviews and critical acclaim, but more importantly, has made a difference to its users.



DrSpa® is the natural companion to DrGL®, a line of boutique skincare with a myriad of treatments dedicated to all skin types. Just like DrGL® products which infuse science into skincare for maximum efficacy, the same can be expected of DrSpa® treatments.

Throughout 15 years of operations, DrSpa® shares the same vision of trust and credibility through treatment protocols and medical-grade solutions specially curated by a panel of doctors while retaining the rich experience of quality service of trained and dedicated beauticians.

Our beauty specialists are certified by International Personnel Certification (IPEC) Bureau, in compliance with ISO/IEC 17024:2012 for Human Capital Competency in skill and knowledge proficiency in beauty science.  ADB maintains high standards of professionalism and offer uncompromised expertise to our customers.


DrHair® is the natural companion to DrGL®, a line of specially curated award-winning revolutionary hair and scalp treatments. Similar to the range of DrGL® products, DrHair® treatments tap on the art of science and quality ingredients for utmost effectiveness and efficacy.

Experience premium service at the hands of the best hair and scalp professionals, complemented with quality treatments and solutions represented a “seal of doctor’s approval”