Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Corporate Mission

Beauty and personal well-being are fundamental human needs and are important for a sense of feeling good. Using innovative R&D and science-based solutions for all our products and services, partnering our panel of doctors to fulfil these needs individually and by doing so, underscores our corporate mission to make a valuable contribution to human mankind.

Looking good, inside out, is never easier – with the ADB eco-system of services. From daily care to weekly maintenance, to monthly treatments, to yearly retreat, ADB is truly the beauty BFF in our consumers’ quest to be at their optimal best in beauty, nutrition & wellness, where modern day individuals can achieve maximum efficacy with minimum fuss.

Live life to the fullness, looking and feeling at your best!


Our Company Values

Pushing the boundaries – the symbol of trust

The Company is the Soul of our product brands

We are a company founded on strong values – trust, quality & seal of doctor’s approval.

At ADB, we believe our products and services are beneficiaries of our corporate reputation. Our consumers make their purchase decisions based on our company reputation, not just on the goods or services they buy. 

Seal of Doctor’s Approval

We serve as a stamp of approval on the products and services we offer.  We provide an anchor of trust and credibility to our brands.  Before a product or service is “approved”, the safety and performance are subjected to an extensive test involving volunteers and are always clinically tested.  We are guided by the principles of simplicity, goodness and represented by a seal of doctor’s approval.

Product Quality Assurance

We make it mission-critical that our products are of high quality, ethically sourced and are made responsibly.  Our corporate reputation becomes a credential for quality and that makes it an easier choice for consumers to choose our brands.  A stickler for quality backed by the most up-to-date technology and pharmacy, our company’s reputation represents the product’s quality assurance.  We always uphold and adhere to an uncompromising standard for all our products.  We make use of top-notch ingredients, expertise for maximum efficacy, and airtight quality packaging to ensure product longevity.

Innovation, Performance and Sustainability

Our brands combine excellent performance with uptmost responsibility towards our consumers.  We view this combination as the central driver for innovations and the basis for our future competitiveness.

All our products are formulated based on in-depth clinical research, together with some of the best chemists across the globe – using botanical and science-based compounds to ensure full compatibility and best results.


Our Brand Story

Communicating our brand story is key as ADB aims to develop a strong brand identity, while keeping in line with the following principles and beliefs.

Simplicity – The fundamental belief in simplicity formed the basis of the development of the branding and packaging.

Focus – In developing the brand, Dr. Georgia Lee sought to create a singular and focused entity and so evolved drgeorgialee skincare to DrGL® – elegant, simple, and powerful.

Green – The strong and clearly identifiable green colour represents life, growth and balance, encapsulated in a fresh, dynamic and clean colour.

Square – The implementation of the square as part of the branding reinforces the sense of balance, stages in life and harmony of elements that goes in line with DrGL®, DrSpa® and DrHair®.

Each square in the logo is a stable symbol. It is a symbol of trust and honesty. The squares are also made up of lines that are completely straight and fixed with the essence of staying grounded and steady in life.